Splashy Walt Disney World Future

Why Disney Will Move the Dow Tomorrow (^DJI, DIS)

(Of course, there may be additional backstage space Im not seeing). The Rivers of Light show borrows the name of a previously-proposed nighttime parade for DAK (part Light Magic, part SpectroMagic, and part its own thing with more embedded lights in the pathways), but its not a parade. The closest analogy would be World of Color from DCA fountains and giant waterscreens to tell stories. The World of Color technology would be welcome indeed in WDW the Florida Fantasmic! looks dated by comparison in many ways.
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Which probably seems hypocritical. After all, the Disney Magical World Pirates of the Caribbean expansion is an additional world, and it would be only natural to be upset that instead of all five being available from the start, only four are. Especially since purchasing it from the eShop amounts buying a ticket to unlock access to something already in your game. Yet, theres so much additional content on the island of Tortuga that I find it hard to object. After grabbing this World Set, I found Jack Sparrow in my game. (He was his wonderfully, uncanny valley self, and looked incredibly freaky next to characters like Stitch and Alice.) He spirited me away to Tortuga so I might start my pirate life, first as a member of his crew, then on my own as I sought the notorious Rascal Roys treasure.
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Disney Magical World’s Pirates of the Caribbean DLC is worth buying | GamerTell

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Your cable company is scared, but you can get rich You know cable’s going away. But do you know how to profit?There’s $2.2 trillion out there to be had. Currently, cable grabs a big piece of it. That won’t last. And when cable falters, three companies are poised to benefit. Click here for their names.
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